Services Offer

  • Hydrogen fuel cell

    Innovative fuel cell and refomer technology ensure customers benefit from green power

  • PEM hydreogen

    Our State of Art PEM technology is one of the best formula for hydrogen production

  • Hydrogen refueling station

    700 bar hydrogen fast-fill station with customized small-scale

  • Top-Notch experts

    Our academician experts are capable to provide on-site design to suit your needs.

  • Outstanding Fuding support

    Support from our international finace partner all over the world

  • MEA core-technologies

    Unique Membrance Electrodes Assembly guarantees the durability of fuel cell stacks

Services Overview

Hydrogen Train

Zero carbon emission train technology

Zero-emission power

Zero-carbon emission (hydrogen and Li-battery) power system

PEM green hydrogen

PEM hydrogen production technology

Hydrogen stations

Customize small-scale hydrogen refuling stations module

Hydrogen Vehicles

Heavy-duty Truck and bus powered by green hydrogen

Liquid Orgnic Hydrogen

Liquid organic hydrogen carriers are flexible media for the storage and transportation of renewable energy