We established a wide spectrum of platforms that enable us to perform materialverification as well as carry out in-depth R&D testing for metals, plastic. polymer, ceramics, chemical coating, contaminants, etc...

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What We do

Hydrogen Services


Customize small-scale hydrogen refueling stations module.


Provide Green Hydrogen with advanced PEM technologies.


Supply fuel cell Power systems that align with net-zero carbon emission policies

  • " We deploy our expertise on-site to facilitate the design and customizing of best-fixed hydrogen fuel stations for commercial fleets or any business that needs on-site refueling capabilities."

  • " Our State of Art -PEM technologies" is the best formula for Hydrogen production. Its high-efficiency performance will help in cost down for our operating cost. This ensures a good continued Hydrogen gas supply to your daily needs as well as eliminates the need for delivery and extra storage cost. This further streamlines your operations and increasesyour bottom line. Align with "The International Air Transport Association(IATA) 77th AGM approved a resolution for the global air transport industry to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050" approach, our expertise can incorporate renewable energy with Hydrogen production by water electrolysis to produce "green" hydrogen gas. This helps to reduce the plant's carbon foot print and make the sky-blue for the world. "

  • " We offer electrical power solutions. With our fuel cell's,systems, and services, you can lower the environmental impact and achieve cost-saving from energy generation and delight the customer with high efficiency and a stable power supply."

Our works

We have a long history of developing new technologies and testing systems for hydrogen-fueled vehicles and fueling stations. We developed the 700 bar hydrogen fast-fill station. Why 700 Bars ? Hydrogen physical property: At constant volume, Hydrogen is 3.2 times energy-dense less natural gas and 2700 times less energy-dense than gasoline. At 700 bar, Hydrogen has a density of 42 Kgm3,compared with 0.090 Kgm3 under normal pressure and temperature conditions. During refueling hydrogen at700 bar (Higher pressure), its ability to rapidly supply a high volume of Hydrogen gas to H2 vehicles at a respectable travel distance. lt takes only about 3 minutes to fill up the standard type of cylinder This will certainly be an outstanding customer delight experience in the gas station. Our Hydrogen Infrastructure department pioneered the design of turnkey, containerized hydrogen fueling station packages, and designed one of the first retail-style dispensers.

Hydrogen changes the Earth towards zero carbon emission.

Hydrogen changes the Earth towards zero carbon emission.

Hydrogen changes the Earth towards zero carbon emission.

Hydrogen changes the Earth towards zero carbon emission.

Hydrogen changes the Earth towards zero Carbon emission.

Hydrogen changes the Earth towards zero carbon emission.